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Hi, I'm Alex Andrews! You'll find me around the internet as @AlxAndrws. I run LAUNCHfyi a website and graphic design agency. I'm also a Director of Craftline Beers where we are, 'Drawing a line under boring beer.'

Let me help you with your next project, website or business branding.



LAUNCHfyi is my website & graphic design agency which I started in 2017. The company focuses on simplicity and education.

Craftline Beers

Craftline Beers

In 2021 I started Craftline Beers with 3 friends. Our online store stocks over 100 types of Craft Beer - delicious!

Other Projects - OVI London

Other Projects

I love nothing more than working on a new idea. Come and see my successful projects and my idea graveyard.

Work With Me

LAUNCHfyi is my web & graphic design company. I built it to empower people to create their own websites with little to no computer knowledge.

For those that don't have the time or inclination to build their own websites - I help them to launch.

LAUNCHfyi has also created beautiful branding for dozens of startup businesses.

Some of my recent websites and business branding.



I've been obsessed with the world-famous and totally anonymous Street Artist 'Banksy' for over 15 years. In the first UK lockdown in early 2020, I created Banksybase as a passion project.

The site aims to document every Banksy piece and auction sale.

Peak Curio

Peak Curio

Launching later in 2021 - Peak Curio is a two person product design studio.

Our debut products 'HEFT' (an iPhone MagSafe dock) and 'Dotted' (top secret) will be available in small quantities soon.

OVI London

OVI London

Another project with friends - OVI London creates bespoke handmade fitted furniture for your home and home office.

We offer no 'standard' options - everything is built to fit your unique space.


Hello the Internet

LAUNCH.fyi is the home of web design by @AlxAndrws.

Custom Websites // Carrd Templates // Tutorials

Want To Build Your Own Website?

If you want to build a basic web presence, I strongly believe that with a little patience, you can do it yourself! I use Carrd for a lot of my website builds (including this one).

Looking to create a website with a blog? Try Wordpress - again it is totally achievement to create a Wordpress site yourself.

Want to sell something online? Use Shopify and build it yourself.

As of June 2021, I'm building a slew of YouTube tutorials around building your own website. Also in the works is a more detailed course on web design.

AlxAndrws.com being built with Carrd

Let's Work Together!

Working with a designer like me, alleviates the stress that comes with building a website and/or brand. I understand that my clients don't always have time to learn a new skill immediately. On this busy planet, we often need quick and always well-crafted results.

Hopefully my personal projects and client portfolio on this site have given you a good idea of the sort of work I do.

I'd be thrilled to open up a conversation with you. Hearing new ideas is what gets me out of bed in the morning.

You can find me on Twitter, Instagram or via my contact form.

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