I’m Alex. I help people like you with their business and take small bets on me.
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Client Projects

I love building websites and digital content for my clients. Here is some of my best and most recent work.

My Small Bets

Small bets is what I like to call the projects I’m working on or have been involved with on a personal level.

Inspiration & Things

Inspiration comes from exploring the world. I’ve documented here the treasures I’ve found along the way.


My blog! Meanderings to nowhere. As long form as you’ll get from me.

A Conker sits in its half-open shell on the ground

September Reflection

It isn’t quite the end of September, but I had the urge to write this morning. Never resist the urge to write.

A Collection of Beer Bottles with no Labels

How I Stopped My Drinking Creep

Last month my partner and I decided that we would not drink for the whole of September. I planned for this for two weeks, building it up in my head as a big deal.