Tap The Wall

8pm Friday evening—I’ve just finished dinner and haven’t gone on my 30-minute walk for the day, yet. Luckily, it’s nearing the end of April, and the sun is only just setting. I grab my torch and keys, put on my boots, and head out the door. There is a walking track immediately outside my front […]

How I Reach a Flow State

Hundreds of Pebbles on a Beach

Possessing the power to find a Flow State in everything you do is possibly the single greatest tool for productivity.

September Reflection

A Conker sits in its half-open shell on the ground

It isn’t quite the end of September, but I had the urge to write this morning. Never resist the urge to write.

NikeCraft General Purpose Shoe

A Collage of Images of the NikeCraft General Purpose Shoe

Yesterday I was scrolling Twitter when I was hit with that love at first sight bug. The NikeCraft General Purpose Shoe is set for release on June 10th 2022.