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NikeCraft General Purpose Shoe

A Collage of Images of the NikeCraft General Purpose Shoe

Yesterday I was scrolling Twitter when I was hit with that love at first sight bug. The NikeCraft General Purpose Shoe is set for release on June 10th 2022. The sneaker will go on sale for $109.99 at It comes in Women’s US sizes 5-14.5, 15.5, and 16.5 and Men’s US sizes 3.5-13, 14, and 15.

Nike Craft is a partnership built in May 2012 between Nike and artist Tom Sachs. Their first release was the NikeCraft Mars Yard, a shoe inspired by Sachs’ interactions with NASA scientists. The General Purpose Shoe is being released to celebrate 10 years of the partnership.

NikeCraft Mars Yard released in May 2012

My Recent Trainer History

In no way do I consider myself a ‘sneaker head’. What I am is a guy that has to have any trainer I fall in love with. Thankfully, this love at first sight doesn’t happen too often. In recent years I’ve probably bought no more that 2 pairs a year. A couple of instant buys have included the Reebox Nano X and Reebox Club C. Reebox isn’t my first love though, I’m usually a Nike man. My last Nike shoes were a pair of SBs I bought almost out of necessity for my holiday in Mexico – not an instant love. I also have a pair of Nike Air Zoom Wildhorse 7 on their way to me – these are trail running trainers.

Nike Air Zoom Wildhorse 7 – Trail Running Shoe

Getting hold of a pair!

I am under no illusion that this is going to be an easy ‘cop’. My friends with a better grasp of the market than I have told me about the bots that plague these releases. Nevertheless I will be online on the 10th June ready to battle the bots and snearkerheads. From my research of previous NikeCraft releases, it seems these drops are always very limited. StockX already have listings of the shoe for over $1,000! Will be interesting see if that figure drops once the site gets flooded with more GPS’.

NikeCraft General Purpose Shoe

More on the General Purpose Shoe

NikeCraft have labelled the General Purpose Shoe or GPS as the “Ordinary Shoe for Extraordinary People”. This understated do-everything shoe has been made for every possible scenario. The General Purpose shoe celebrates 10 years of NikeCraft which aims to create new perspectives on serving the future of sports.

The Nike news site makes the connection that if the 2012 Mars Yard shoe was designed for ‘space-going scientists’ then the GPS is just a good old everydayer.

“I got involved with Nike in the beginning because we wanted to make a sculpture that everyone could wear. It’s a tool for everyday life; it’s democratic,” says Sachs.

Tom Sachs

“It took a decade to make a shoe this simple, as simple as can be and no simpler. NikeCraft shuns innovation for its own sake, but embraces it as a necessity,” adds Sachs.

For the full Nike news article, click here.

Will I manage to nab a pair of one of the greatest looking shoes I’ve seen in years? I’ll report back after 10th June.

Update 10th June 2022

According to the Nike NYC instagram account – the General Purpose Shoe will be dropping at 3pm Eastern Time. Which translates to the following times:

  • 7am Pacific
  • 9am Central
  • 2pm UTC
  • 3pm BST (UK)
  • 4pm CEST
  • 10pm CST
  • 11pm JST
  • 12am (12th) AEST

And to reiterate, the shoe will be available at

This link should show more timezones –

Even though the release time is all but confirmed by Nike, this won’t stop us all refreshing our screens all day! 😂 Good luck everyone. 🤞