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Banksy For Your Bitcoin

Or is it Bitcoin For Your Banksy? Or is both? It's both!

My Banksy For Your Bitcoin / Bitcoin For Your Banksy project literally came to me in a dream. I often have vivid dreams a few minutes before I wake up in the morning. I sprang out of bed with the words ‘Banksy For Your Bitcoin’ in my mount and knew what I had to do.

Inspired by the Cash For Your Warhol project, I produced ~20 different pieces on advertising board.

This project isn’t done yet…

Another project I created along side BFYB was ‘Dead Cash Gallery’. The idea was to sell my work through the gallery and to help other artists promote their work too. I ended up over complicating the process so shut the gallery down. I love the ‘Dead Cash’ name though and would love to bring it back as an apparel/lifestyle brand at some point.