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Over Two Cans

A Podcast based around Craft Beer, hosted by a friend and I.

Over Two Cans is all for fun! My good friend Sam and I wanted to started some sort of podcast to give us a reason to get together more often. Craft Beer was the very obvious choice after we started Craftline Beers a few months prior.

A very unscripted and underprepared often nonsensical discussion about beer and other pointless conversations! 😅 As of writing we have 36 subscribers. Over Two Cans is entertainment for us, if anyone wants to come along for the ride – wonderful.

I’ve learnt many new skills in the process of creating this podcast. My video and audio editing skills have improved immensely. I now know a lot more about audio/video hardware. I’ve learned a lot about creating audio podcasts for Apple, Spotify etc.. My knowledge of YouTube is up.

Most importantly, this Small Bet is about having fun. Make time for fun.